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    Audi has a broad network of participations in order to shape the mobility of the future together with its partners. In the interview, Dr. Ulrich Widmann, Head of Assembly Development at Audi, and Andreas Fidorra, Managing Director Development at PSW, speak about the role PSW plays in it.

    Dr. Widmann, what does the ideal engineering service provider look like for you?

    Dr. Widmann: Fundamentally, an engineering service provider must apply our development standards, be reliable and efficient and have a high degree of technical know-how.

    Are the Audi engineering service providers interchangeable?

    Dr. Widmann: Most of them focus on special technical fields, such as software, vehicle safety or bodywork. However, we are currently seeing individual engineering service providers increasingly developing their own highly specialized profiles. PSW plays a special role in this environment. It’s not an engineering service provider, but one of the development partners in our network, which has already strongly developed its skills and is currently works very hard on its strategic positioning.

    What skills does Audi demand of its partners?

    Dr. Widmann: Audi will continue to take responsibility for the definition and concept phase in future model ranges. However, we are increasingly outsourcing serial and derivative development - if we have partners who are in a position to do just that. You must have the technical expertise and be ready to take responsibility.

    Dr. Ulrich Widmann und Andreas Fidorra im Gespräch
    In conversation: Dr. Ulrich Widmann, Head of Assembly Development at Audi, and Andreas Fidorra, Managing Director Development at PSW.
    Partner network

    General Development

    The entire development process from a single source: we are an innovative development partner for comprehensive module and derivative development work.

    Mr. Fidorra, is PSW ready?

    Andreas Fidorra: We are currently making an enormous transformation effort and are establishing ourselves as an independent developer of vehicle derivatives in the premium segment. Today we have the project management and a matrix structure that allows us to efficiently manage engineering projects. We have set up specific know-how, for example in the areas of simulation, mechatronics, electronics and vehicle safety. The experiences that we make together with our partners in the e-tron GT project are helping us to identify gaps in our know-how and to systematically establish the necessary skills and capacities so that we are optimally positioned for follow-up projects.

    Dr. Widmann, how could cooperation look like for future projects?

    Dr. Widmann: With its extensive expertise, we see PSW as one of our strategic partners. For example, we are currently working on how Audi and PSW could work together to develop the new vehicle platform PPE (Premium Platform Electric).

    With its extensive expertise, we see PSW as one of our strategic partners

    Dr. Ulrich Widmann Head of Assembly Development at Audi

    What requirements go with the role of strategic partner?

    Dr. Widmann: The strategic partner manages the engineering development work both in-house and with its suppliers. For this it has to have the necessary management skills. The partner has to define projects, processes and responsibilities, and has to monitor these processes. At least as important, however, is that the partner and that means everyone who works there, really wants to have a common project. We need passion, at Audi and at PSW!

    Mr. Fidorra, does PSW have this passion and the abilities?

    Andreas Fidorra: Certainly! With the joint development of the new Audi Q8, PSW has proven its capabilities. We are looking forward to working with Audi to develop new vehicles and platforms of the future.

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