2018 / On the way to future mobility

Your own employees are the key to success

    HR manager Matthias Bauer talks about development opportunities at PSW, further training opportunities and management culture.

    What would PSW be without its staff?

    Matthias Bauer: The competencies and commitment of the PSW staff are a central component of the company’s success. Only with them will PSW master the step to the mobility of the future. The company acquires the necessary skills by consistently promoting – and demanding the professional development of its own employees. I started at PSW eight years ago as a personnel manager. Today, I lead the HR and Competency Management department, which I think is a good example of the development opportunities at PSW.

    PSW is making huge strides towards the mobilityof the future. What role does the HR and Competence Management department play in this?

    It plays a very central role. PSW has its origins as a classic engineering service provider and at that time had little say in project decisions. This has been turned 360° through our strategic realignment. Today we work on major projects and assume much more responsibility and make independent decisions. This new confidence will in future bring with it new competence requirements. Our job is to create the framework so that all PSW employees can be empowered to pave the way for the future and to support and accompany them. Because the skills of our employees are the backbone of the company’s success.

    Portrait von Matthias Bauer
    PSW HR manager Matthias Bauer

    How can colleagues who have been at the company for decades get excited about the new topics?

    My experience shows me that these colleagues are also evolving and do not want to stagnate. Our job is to show them the benefits of learning about new topics. This gives them the opportunity to develop themselves and their knowledge and to work on really exciting projects in the future as well.

    Looking for new challenges?

    What role does the leadership culture at PSW play in this environment?

    It is extremely important. We have reorganized PSW and introduced a new organizational structure. We work in a matrix organization and a determined effort to put this into practice is now essential. This is why it is necessary to think in a cross-departmental way and, wherever it exists, dismantle any silo mentality. Line managers must set a good example, because the challenges of the future can only be mastered together. We support our line managers on this journey by offering regular workshops, for example.

    What is your HR vision for the future?

    In the future, the focus will increasingly be on our own employees. This is because it is more sustainable to create your own pool of employees than to recruit expensive specialists. Support, further education, motivation: The HR department will act as a cultural ambassador and partner in the company, always keeping an ear close to our staff. Digital tools and processes will be increasingly used to support these tasks.

    Brief profile of employees

    Bartosz Maciejewski, Electrics/Electronics

    “I made an unsolicitated job application to PSW and started in March 2018 in the Electrics & Electronics department. As a sub-project manager, I am responsible for headlights, tail lights and the interior light package of an upcoming electric sports car. PSW is a company that gives me many development opportunities and is where I can utilize my technical knowledge and work a lot with people.”

    Julian Doppler, Accounting/Controlling

    “I have been in PSW Controlling department since mid-2014. At that time, SAP was being introduced, and it was very exciting for me to be part of this process. In the meantime, we are working on a web-based reporting system in order to better analyze projects’ cost structures. At PSW, my work helps me make the right business decisions.”

    Portrait von Bartosz Maciejewski
    Bartosz Maciejewski
    Portrait von Julian Doppler
    Julian Doppler

    Johannes Schneider, Structure/Culture/Principles

    “I started at PSW in July of last year, focusing on human resources marketing and communications. At the moment I am working, among other things, on a concept for university marketing to support PSW win over the skilled workers of tomorrow. I especially like the varied tasks and the personal interaction with colleagues and supervisors at PSW.”

    Isabel Baron, Technology/Innovation

    “I’ve been with PSW for seven years and now lead the Innovation/ Sustainability team. Here I can look far into the future and deal with the latest technologies and creative working methods. My work is very varied. In the morning I might find myself touring the inside of a vehicle while wearing VR glasses and in the afternoon I am inspired by the latest hardware setup arising from a brilliant idea of my employees.”
    Portrait von Johannes Schneider
    Johannes Schneider
    Portrait von Isabel Baron
    Isabel Baron
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