Our Services

Our expertise for the mobility of the future

We are not waiting for the future to happen, but are actively and imaginatively helping to shape it. We see ourselves as an innovative development partner who develops perfect technical solutions for entire vehicles as well as for modules for its customers.

The basis for our success is our wide range of services, something that is rarely found in the industry. This covers precisely those areas of expertise that are necessary to help shape the mobility of the future and ranges from pre-development and simulation to testing and series support. We have comprehensive expertise in design and function. We combine this extensive range of services with efficient project management in a matrix structure, and can provide our customers complete project management from a single source.

We are very effective, visionary and efficient. We develop innovative concepts, provide new impulses and turn mobility visions into reality.

Discover our extensive range of services:

General Development

The entire development process from a single source: we are an innovative development partner for comprehensive module and derivative development work.


We have extensive engineering expertise: from the body, the exterior, to the interior, we integrate mechanical, electrical and digital components and functions into the vehicle across all processes.

Virtual development, simulation

We are advancing the progress of prototype-free development through the use of Multi Domain Simulations (CAX) and the expansion of our virtual reality expertise.

Quality, Testing, Validation

Due to our long-term cooperation with customers in the premium car segment, we have always had and met the highest demands on function and quality.

Interior User Experience

We have the expertise to help shape the interior user experience. Increasing levels of autonomy means that the interior user experience is also constantly changing and developing. Therefore, it is our goal to further expand our already very broad range of engineering services for vehicle interiors.

Integral Safety

Vision Zero is what drives us: we stand for the comprehensive development of vehicle safety systems and this is our contribution to making roads and means of transport so safe that no one is harmed. Reliable safety systems are the key to this vision but also one of the prerequisites for autonomous …

Smart City

We are thus making an important contribution to ensuring that vehicles communicate with infrastructure, which is also an essential factor for autonomous driving.

Thermal Management, Aerodynamics

We provide intelligent and effective solutions for thermal management and aerodynamics in order to meet the more complex demands of electric mobility.

We are certified for CAD and development, project and quality management and prototyping.

Audi – one of our customers from the premium car category with whom we are shaping the mobility of the future.

Lamborghini - Einer unserer Kunden aus dem Premiumsegment, mit dem wir gemeinsam die Mobilität der Zukunft gestalten.

Porsche - Einer unserer Kunden aus dem Premiumsegment, mit dem wir gemeinsam die Mobilität der Zukunft gestalten.