Smart City

Connected and safe

We are thus making an important contribution to ensuring that vehicles communicate with infrastructure, which is also an essential factor for autonomous driving.

As mobility becomes increasingly networked, we are developing technologies for safe and sustainable traffic flows within smart cities.

The service we have developed together with Audi is a Car-2-x application that connects to the region’s traffic control system and informs the driver of the status of traffic lights. This way, the driver can see at what speed he can pass a certain traffic light while it is still green. In addition, when a traffic light is red, the service shows the driver the length of time until the next green phase. This way we ensure improved traffic flows and reduce the environment impact caused by mobility.

We developed the software and create the source code for the application. In addition, we carry out the approval process for individual cities. There are also many different special cases in road traffic, for which we develop special solutions.

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Areas of expertise: Smart City

Technically perfect solutions: using our fields of expertise in thermal management and aerodynamics, we are shaping the mobility of the future together with our customers.

  • Software development
  • City approval
  • Creating source code
  • Function validation, testing
  • City approval
Online traffic light information
Application for autonomous driving
Car-2-x communication
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