Interior user experience

Comfortable and functionally integrated

We have the expertise to help shape the interior user experience. Increasing levels of autonomy means that the interior user experience is also constantly changing and developing. Therefore, it is our goal to further expand our already very broad range of engineering services for vehicle interiors.

The aim of a functionally integrated interior user experience is to depict comfort and infotainment functions as well as lighting and air conditioning scenarios. The development of various user features also presents us with complex challenges. We master these dependably through having a strong focus on the required functionality while networking closely with the customer’s specialist departments.

Furthermore, the functions of acoustics and aeroacoustics in the interior user experience are becoming increasingly important. There are new drive-related requirements in this area. In a purely electric vehicle, for example, the occupants perceive noises that were inaudible in a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. This is why we focus on functional aeroacoustics right from the start of a new project. Validating functions and the minimisation of the associated noise generation are also part of our range of expertise.

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Areas of expertise: interior user experience

Technically perfect solutions: with our fields of expertise in the area of the interior user experience, we are shaping the mobility of the future together with our customers.

  • Functionally integrated interior
  • Ergonomics
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Air conditioning
Functionally integrated interior Ergonomics
Air conditioning
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