Systems Engineering

How PSW develops complex systems

Autonomous driving, Car-to-X, electro-mobility: the challenges in vehicle development are increasingly complex and diverse. More focus is being given to customer needs and technologies can no longer be viewed in isolation from one another with ever-greater overlap in a more and more networked world. Complexity is on the rise. For this reason, function-oriented vehicle development in the sense of systems engineering will continue to gain importance in the future.

For example, electrical, mechanical and software systems are no longer domains which are isolated from one another. Right from the start of development, engineers have to keep the overall system in mind, defining the required specifications and functions with interdisciplinary teams. This is nothing new for PSW and is already an essential part of development work today.

However, this holistic approach will become increasingly important in vehicle development. For the successful development and approval of vehicles, OEMs will have to establish their processes in accordance with a systems engineering approach. In order to strengthen its position as a development partner, PSW was one of the first companies to initiate the change process to establish systems engineering (SE) in derivative development. SE methodology will become an integral part of all PSW customer projects to ensure optimal customer support in the realisation of mobility technologies.

Long-term and comprehensive implementation

In order to successfully implement systems engineering long-term in the company, PSW held the first expert discussions as early as 2019. Several employees were then trained to become Systems Engineering Level B experts who drive the implementation forward in the company: “Together with other colleagues from all departments, we will establish function-oriented development at PSW,” says Stefan Thielecke, who is responsible for implementation at PSW. “By embedding systematic thinking at PSW, we will meet the increasing requirements in vehicle development and continue to be a strong partner for our customers”.
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