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    Since its founding PSW has developed in leaps and bounds: from a three man operation to general developer. During this time the company has already overcome many challenges and we will also use the current transformation to grow

    Andreas Fidorra Management Development
    In dialogue with (from left to right) Claus Burghausen, Silvio Schindler and Andreas Fidorra

    Lets take a quick look back The financial year 2018 was very successful for PSW. What was decisive for this?

    Silvio Schindler: The achievements of the PSW team are very clear. Over the past year we got many forward-looking topics off the ground. This has been achieved by the outstanding work of all PSW employees. Because of this 2018 was the most lucrative financial year in the history of PSW. The result of a TÜV Süd audit at the start of the year confirmed that we are on the right track. TÜV confirmed that we have introduced an efficient quality management system for the scope ‘general developer of comprehensive module and derivative development in the automotive sector’. In particular the areas strategy, innovation and project management were positively highlighted.

    In view of technological change, we will continue to expand our future-oriented service portfolio based on our strengths in engineering: Simulation, vehicle safety and electrics/electronics are important areas of expertise

    Silvio Schindler CEO

    Integral Safety

    Vision Zero is what drives us: we stand for the comprehensive development of vehicle safety systems and this is our contribution to making roads and means of transport so safe that no one is harmed. Reliable safety systems are the key to this vision but also one of the prerequisites for autonomous …

    Let’s look ahead. What are your expectations for the rest of 2019?

    Silvio Schindler: 2019 is certainly exciting. The OEMS face huge challenges. They need a large chunk of their capacity to handle the increasing variety of topics and the increased complexity in the development. But this also opens up new chances since the OEMs assign whole vehicle derivatives. The best example of this is the next electric sports car by Audi, the development of which we are very much involved with. It is the biggest project of the company’s history in which all the departments of PSW are called upon, while the fellow workers are doing a great job. While we develop these electric sports cars with forward-looking technologies, we continue building our own competences.

    In addition, sustainability is a theme which moves politics and society. And it’s there where we make our contribution: recently Audi expanded the commissioning in the h-tron project. h-tron is Audi’s concept car for the development of the fuel-cell drive. Within the framework of the commissioning we provide support with our integration competence to start series production. The theme of competence development also plays an important role. In the face of technological change we will further develop our forward-thinking service portfolio on the basis of our strengths in engineering: Simulation, vehicle safety and electronics are important fields of competence.

    Technological change, high complexity These are dynamic times. What offers security in such an environment?

    Silvio Schindler: In such a volatile environment it is important to know where you are going and what you stand for. And we know these things. The vision of our company strategy PSW2025 is clear: “We are a leading development partner for future mobility.”

    We have enhanced our company strategy this year through a brand strategy. Therefore, we have given the “PSW brand” a clear and distinctive profile, while reinforcing our claim to be an innovative engineering partner in the market. The market strategy gets to the heart of our approach and our offer. We turn the mobility visions of our customers into reality while setting new standards for integrated mobility technologies.

    Our corporate and brand strategy
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    The entire automotive sector is experiencing the most radical change in its history. What answer does PSW have for the accompanying challenges.

    Andreas Fidorra: Since its founding PSW has developed by leaps and bounds: from a three man operation to general developer, developing whole vehicles During this time the company has already overcome many challenges and we will also use the current transformation to grow. We possess comprehensive know how in the complete development of vehicles. In addition, we use broad technological expertise. In combination with our project management and matrix structure we are in the position to simultaneously develop several large projects from concept to series production. In this way we profit from the strategies of the OEMs which increasingly award the development of whole vehicle packages.

    In future not only the capacity to simultaneously develop several large projects will be required. Competences in new technologies are also required.

    Andreas Fidorra: Absolutely. And today PSW already has important competences in future technologies, for instance in prototype-free development. However, we are actively working for our future. PSW clearly focuses on the integration of mobility technologies. In the past months the specialist departments have developed individual departmental strategies which are in line with the company strategy. It was particularly important for us to tackle technology fields that are relevant to the future and take specific measures.

    Can you give a more specific example?

    Andreas Fidorra: Of course. For instance, the modularity and user experience are increasingly brought into focus in the development of the exterior and interior. In particular, vehicles must be designed in a modular manner with sharing concepts, to maintain them as quickly and easily as possible. At the same time the vehicle interior of the future will be adaptable to the respective use case, to create an individually feel-good atmosphere for the passenger through the perfect interplay of light, sound and air conditioning. Of course this poses new challenges for us as an engineering partner.

    In addition, our role as general developer will be further strengthened, while we expand our competences in electrics, complete vehicle and assistant system development. The technological focus lies in the development of level 4 assistance systems and the automatic testing of these on x-in-the-loop-dynamometers.
    With our current strategy we are establishing the competences, which will be necessary in the future. In addition all the topics are aligned to each other in such a way that they have a coherent overall appearance. As a strong team we are ideally positioned for the requirements of mobility in the future.

    Interior User Experience

    We have the expertise to help shape the interior user experience. Increasing levels of autonomy means that the interior user experience is also constantly changing and developing. Therefore, it is our goal to further expand our already very broad range of engineering services for vehicle interiors.

    The transformation also brings increased investment. How does a company remain competitive with tight financial parameters?

    Claus Burghausen: OEMs must make large investments to develop new technologies and put these onto the road. Of course, this cost pressure also affects us as an engineering partner. Therefore, it is essential that we get control costs. On the one hand we are able to do this by raising the internal synergies, and on the other hand we must keep our processes lean and efficient. For this purpose we have set up an efficiency programme that has already made many savings over the past year and that we will also push forward.

    Through the technological transformation the competence requirements have also changed for everyone. How does PSW enable employees to go on the path of future mobility?

    Claus Burghausen: The transformation in the automotive industry presents huge challenges for us. I am convinced our engagement with the transformation and our shaping of it will bring success. This requires dedication and innovation. Therefore, we are currently developing a concept that we hope will give our employees the chance to develop and contribute to exciting future topics such as alternative drives or vehicle safety. Through customised further training and qualification formats, for which we have already reserved a corresponding budget, we don’t only want to keep up with the transformation, but also shape it.

    Through customised further training and qualification formats, for which we have already reserved a corresponding budget, we don’t only want to keep up with the transformation, but also shape it

    Claus Burghausen Management finance/compliance/integrity/personnel
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