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Realization: the essence of PSW

    From three man operation to general developer: Over the past year PSW has developed strongly and realised a strategic realignment with PSW 2025. Building on long-term experience the company no longer develops individual components but focusses on holistic large scale projects and future technologies. Through this PSW offers customers integrated technology solutions and development services under one roof.

    To operate more effectively in the market it is now necessary to describe an additional specification of the company strategy as well as the essence of the ‘PSW brand’. Or said otherwise: to add an emotional ‘Heart’ to the rationally thinking ‘Head’.

    From PSW for PSW

    Humans are at the centre of this, forming and filling it with life. Therefore, the project team consisting of Dawid Kacprzak (communication), Susan Zöller (strategy) and the brand experts Tom Klein and Dirk Nitschke have included the colleagues in the invention process. By doing so they have jointly derived a brand strategy of PSW 2025, which gets to the heart of PSW’s personality and in which PSW employees rediscover themselves - from PSW for PSW.

    Looking for the right words

    At the start the project team conducted a market analysis. The results confirmed the increased complexity of the tasks today and how the competence requirements have also increased. In the second step an interdisciplinary workshop was organised with employees from different areas of the company. Together, they have enabled the combination of previous gathered facts into something tangible. Something which everyone can identify with. In addition, the project team has consulted internal experts and important pioneers from the sector to learn about what makes a modern development partner and how PSW is perceived. Therefore, they have conducted interviews with the VW future researchers Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla and Marius Kohlhepp, the leading trend researcher at Audi.

    We are a part of a sector in transformation. In such a challenging environment it is important to know where you want to go and where what you stand for

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    The "head": our corporate strategy (Deep Dive)

    It was fun collaborating with other employees in the market strategy

    Christian Schneider Development electrics

    The common denominators

    Little by little a specific image has finally emerged. The strategic positioning of the company is clear: ‘We are the leading development partner for the future of mobility’. In addition PSW focusses on the strength of the core business and the potential of future orientated business fields. The core fields which are key to this are overall vehicle responsibility, operative excellence, establishing a culture of innovation and the expansion into new business fields. With these four impact directions PSW will help shape future mobility from a business point of view.

    But how does the heart of PSW beat? What inspires PSW employees?

    PSW turns mobility visions into reality! To realise these visions on the road PSW sets new standards in the development of integrated mobility technologies. Therefore, PSW employees are dynamic, visionary and efficient in their business dealings. Or expressed differently: PSW employees are doers!

    The "heart": our brand strategy (Deep Dive)

    Due to the increasing complexity in the automotive market, customers need a partner with implementation strength who is at their side and supports them as best as possible. It takes a high level of integration skills to combine digital technology and haptic experience, to network the inside and outside world of the vehicle, to plan resources, to combine partnerships in a network or to drive innovations. PSW has this integration competence and delivers INTEGRATED MOBILITY TECHNOLOGIES to customers.

    Our corporate & brand strategy as a symbiosis of "head" & "heart"
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