News — Coronavirus pandemic

Message from the management

Dear Business Partners,

In view of the dynamics of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to constantly reassess the situation, make quick decisions and take proportional measures. In the current situation, our main focus is on the health of our partners, customers and employees. In order to protect them and guarantee the company's efficiency in the best possible way, we have already taken action and implemented many measures.

We have set up a task force that meets regularly to review new information, take necessary measures and ensure ongoing communication.

Consistent action is our motto

We have reduced face-to-face appointments to an absolute minimum, most discussions and meetings are now held digitally. Employees who return from a coronavirus risk region or who have had contact with an infected person must stay at home in quarantine for 14 days. Furthermore, in this special situation we offer our employees the opportunity to organise their working hours more flexibly. In addition, all business trips are prohibited and will only be approved in absolutely exceptional cases. Special hygiene and preventive measures are also being carried out within our buildings. After all, we have always been very restrictive when it comes to granting third parties access to our premises. We hope you understand and support us in our efforts.

We are taking all necessary steps to protect health and maintain business operations.

Please take care of yourself and stay healthy.

PSW management

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