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Successful completion of trainings in accordance with the IMPA standard

Technological expertise is the basis for developing complete vehicles. However, project management skills also play an increasingly important role. In order to further expand this expertise for customer projects at PSW, special project management training courses have recently taken place in addition to the previous activities in this area.

Tailor-made program in accordance with the IPMA standard

After conducting online pitches with 13 professional training providers, two were selected and training courses lasting several days were designed in collaboration with them. “The program is very practical and imparts comprehensive knowledge of project management. In addition, the training courses comply with those of the International Project Management Association“ says Sandra Miller, a member of staff from the training department, who helped design the training courses together with the team and the providers.

Around 25 employees have participated in the training courses in the past few weeks. During this time they further developed their knowledge of project management methods, roles and processes and learned the most important technical terms. The course ended with an exam and we would like to congratulate all participants on receiving their IPMA Level D certificate!

Coach Johannes Wille, founder of Teamwille

“I am proud that we were able to complete our first IPMA Level D qualification course with above-average results. Congratulations to all participants! I am pleased to be a trainer on a course that contains both classic and agile project management elements which are combined with a high level of individual transfer of practical experience through integrating content from PSW.”

If you haven't done anything comparable for a long time, it is a little difficult to learn at first, but you quickly find your feet. At the end, you really get a clear view of what it means to do project management and what untapped potential still exists in your own work.

Participant Philipp Hühn, Complete Vehicle Development

Coach Adrian Mielke, founder of Mielke Company

“It was a tremendous pleasure for us to see how motivated the participants were, not only when it comes to learning topics for the qualification, but also in applying this to example projects during the course. Even outside of class time, everyone worked hard on the project planning required for certification, which meant we already saw great results in the reviews. So once again, many thanks and a big thumbs-up to the participants and congratulations on receiving the IPMA Level D certificate!”
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Further education

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